Lebanon central bank chief faces corruption allegations in France

An anti-corruption group has submitted a legal complaint in France against Lebanon’s central bank governor over foreign investments including property he owns worth millions of euros, two people involved in the filing said on Monday.

Frenchman who confessed to killing 8-year-old girl in court over second killing

A former French soldier who has admitted killing an eight-year-old girl, a case that shook the country nearly four years ago, appeared in court Monday on charges he also beat a man to death just a few months before. 

Covid-19: India's battle for oxygen

A ferocious second wave of coronavirus in India has overwhelmed hospitals and caused a shortage of oxygen, leaving many helpless as they try to treat their sick relatives at home. This desperate search for oxygen often ends in grief. The capital New Delhi has been reporting at least one Covid-19 death every four minutes in the past few days, with a total of 3,400 deaths nationwide on May 2. Our correspondents Navodita Kumari, Mathilde Cusin, Jérôme Mars and Alban Alvarez report.

Prosecutor requests judges drop case over French role in Rwanda genocide

The French prosecutor’s department said on Monday that there were no grounds to pursue legal claims that France bore responsibility for enabling the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Rohingya refugees fight to remove deadly barbed wire at Bangladesh camps

A number of Rohingya refugees were killed when they tried to escape a series of fires that ripped through refugee camps in March 2021, only to be trapped by recently installed fences. Activists are now calling for these fences to be removed. They say they are just the latest in a series of policies implemented by the Bangladeshi government aimed at making things so difficult for the refugees that they leave.