Macron seeks Merkel's support for EU reform in Berlin talks

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Berlin Thursday for talks with Angela Merkel aimed at winning support from the German chancellor for his ambitious reform plans for the European Union.

Lars von Trier set for Cannes comeback as 'Hitler ban' expires

The Cannes Film Festival announced Thursday that Danish director Lars von Trier will return to the event this year for the first time since he was expelled in 2011 for saying he “sympathised” with Hitler.

Why Haftar’s absence could tip Libya into further chaos

Conflicting reports over Khalifa Haftar’s health have sparked a flurry of rumours over his role as the head of the Libyan National Army, and thus also Libya’s future. Experts say his potential departure could spark major disarray.

Raul Castro to lead Cuba's Communist Party until 2021

Raul Castro said Thursday that he expected his successor Miguel Diaz-Canel to serve two five-year terms as Cuban president, and eventually take his place as head of the Communist Party when he retires from the position in 2021.

King changes Swaziland's name to 'Kingdom of eSwatini'

The king of Swaziland, one of the world’s few absolute monarchs, announced on Thursday that his country had changed its name to “Kingdom of eSwatini” to mark 50 years since independence from British rule.