Grace and Grandpa’s Paris Visit 2: Eugene Delacroix

Wednesday October 23, 2013

G-pa and Gracie in front of the Delacroix Museum

G-pa and Gracie in front of the Delacroix Museum

Grandpa’s Summary

Gracie and Grandpa (with mom Geneviève tagging along) visited the home studio of Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863), famous heroic painter and sculptor. We saw scores of his paintings of all types and, sitting on a bench in the lovely garden below his house, reflected on his genius. We recalled his familiar fountain sculpture in the Jardin du Luxembourg and his famous painting of La Liberté guidant le Peuple. Imagining Delacroix beside us, we stopped just a block away at the Café des Deux Magots facing the Église de Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Naturally, we had to have champagne and foie gras to do Delacroix justice. Well, Gracie preferred a ham sandwich and an orange drink.

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Gracie’s Impressions

Delacroix's artist box

Delacroix’s artist box

Eugène Delacroix, famous painter from the 19th century, lived in a cozy white building with a beautiful garden where he had his ‘atelier’. A very talented painter who painted heroic paintings of famous battles and historical moments. His house had an odor of beeswax and many paintings are hung up on the walls of his house. The dim lighting casts an eerie glow on the mysterious paintings… His work is seen all over Paris as well. Delacroix was also friends with George Sand and Alexandre Dumas, friends many people these days would want to have. He often went to les Deux Magots, an inspiring brasserie in the 6th, minutes from the beautiful white museum and former home of M. Delacroix.